couture seating, Made in Brooklyn.

Our seating stands apart, it sets an agenda.  Simple frames are selected so that an artistic collage of textiles can be the focus of each piece.  We work with weavers, fabric artists and designers whenever we can, to create textiles that will adorn an individual seat.  Like any work of art, the completed piece will be a special part of your room design for years to come.

The Studio Series is our line, designed and created in our Brooklyn studio.  Our Vintage Collection leverages existing frames to create entirely new pieces, elevating chairs to works of art.  We collaborate with textile artists, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with seating.  

Each seat is envisioned and sketched individually, allowing artisans, designers and their clients to be in synch.  Textiles are created and applied by experienced masters using traditional techniques and a sculptural hand, 

Think of it as couture seating, for your home!


open studio.

Interested in what we do?  How we do it?  Call and make and appointment to stop by.

50 Richards Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
We are in Red Hook.  If you're driving, we are near the Brooklyn exit of the Ted Williams Tunnel.  If you're not, you can walk from the Red Hook ferry stop or the Smith / 9th Street Subway stop.

telephone:  (650) 906-1410



Meet Melissa.


Here are the most important things to know:  Melissa writes with both hands, graduated college in economics and painting, and has spent her career at the boundary between creativity and business, right and left brain, form and function.  

Melissa Dougherty is the founder and creative director of Five Finger Furnishings. Raised in classic houses across the Midwest, Melissa and her husband moved to the Bay Area in 1996. Destiny led them to a 1952 Eichler house designed by architect A. Quincy Jones and they fell in love with the airy, light-filled spaces, tongue-and-groove ceilings, and other signature midcentury architectural details.  While in Northern California, Melissa spent years learning the art and craft of upholstery from trained masters.

Now at home in Brooklyn, Melissa and her husband live in a 150 year old brownstone furnished with an ever-changing collection of Melissa’s work. Not far from their home is Melissa’s studio, where she creates Five Finger Furnishings for a new generation of collectors who appreciate her clean, colorful aesthetic and passion for quality.  She rides her bike to work every day--even in the winter.