Seating as painting, collage, sculpture

Working together, Maki Yamamoto and I have found a new voice that pushes our work farther:  Maki is creating fabrics for furniture for the first time, and I'm creating collages with the couture fabrics she designs for me--wrapping chairs, sofas and benches in pleats and flowers, silk and linen, abstract designs and traditional organic forms.  It's not easy to maintain the integrity of the design as fabrics are stretched over furniture, but the result is absolutely gorgeous.  We've completed three pieces for the ICFF 2016--with more to come.

Best seat in the city.

OK, I'm not actually suggesting you bring a bench everywhere you go, but it would be nice, right?

Introducing a line of Milo Baughman inspired benches, handcrafted in Brooklyn.  Our first series features the most exciting textile designers of the moment.  This bench is an ode to English fabrics old and new:  grey wool coating  and a delicate gold braid frames Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, by Nadia Ricketts / Beatwoven.

at the studio, Being Melissa, just for fun

weaving custom fabric, and developing tool envy.

It's an occupational hazard.

I love my upholstery tools.  They're simple and so perfectly formed for their function:  A perfectly balanced, magnetized hammer for throwing tacks, a (dangerous) claw-like tool for pulling webbing super tight, a v-shaped tack-puller for when tacks aren't perfectly placed.  But I've recently been exposed to an even more amazing tool:  the loom.  Functionally, it's straightforward, capable and strong.  And when thread is running through it, it's gorgeous.  I have to admit, that for me it's all about the thread.  

We've been working with Soraya at on some custom fabric inspired by a vintage swatch of Chanel tweed--and it's been a riot.  We're almost ready to create the yardage, and I have to admit, I'll be sad when it's over and I can't go visit the loom (and related thread) anymore!  On the other hand, I can't wait to work with the fabric!