melissa dougherty

Seating as painting, collage, sculpture

Working together, Maki Yamamoto and I have found a new voice that pushes our work farther:  Maki is creating fabrics for furniture for the first time, and I'm creating collages with the couture fabrics she designs for me--wrapping chairs, sofas and benches in pleats and flowers, silk and linen, abstract designs and traditional organic forms.  It's not easy to maintain the integrity of the design as fabrics are stretched over furniture, but the result is absolutely gorgeous.  We've completed three pieces for the ICFF 2016--with more to come.

just for fun, at the studio, Being Melissa

Shop's open...Stop by!

Well, it's been a crazy month but we've moved into our new studio space in Crown Heights!  We literally went from an empty room without electricity to a showroom and workshop space in three weeks.  And we love it.  Plenty of room, lots of color and great work and storage spaces.  

Special thanks to Taryn Christoff of Christoff Finio.  She really anticipated needs that I didn't know I had, and it makes a difference every day.  Also thanks to Sam Zeif for his drawings and visits to Home Depot, and to Andrew Zeif for sheer strength and moral support.  And finally, thanks to my apprentice, Sonja Beck Gingerich for rolling with the punches and coming to work without fail--even when we worked by daylight!

Come by and see us!

1093 Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY 11238 by appointment

Take the 2-3 / 4-5 or C train to Franklin Avenue