Being Melissa

just for fun, Being Melissa

The debut bash!

Last night my favorite designers, artists and architects (and friends of other stripes) had a chance to see the initial five finger furnishings collection.  We had a blast--despite a serious no drinking or eating in the chairs rule!  A big thank you to everyone who has pitched in and made this possible.

Being Melissa

A street for beginnings

Jay Street starts in DUMBO, runs up the hill and into downtown Brooklyn.  There it becomes Smith Street, home to a steady stream of new restaurants and bars.  Smith Street was my home over a decade ago, when my daughter, Natalie, was born.  I brought her home to a tiny apartment above a liquor store where purchases were made by pushing cash under bullet-proof glass.  Old men played checkers outside the bodega on the corner, drinking malt liquor in tall boy cans.  Now that same liquor store features imported wines and there’s a Free People where the bodega used to be.  The neighborhood has changed a lot, but it will always be about starting out for me.

So there’s a lot of symmetry in the fact that the workshop where I will make my chairs is at the other end of that same street:  on Jay Street, just before it descends to the water.   That’s got to be a good omen, right?  After all, the last thing I started on this street turned out really well.  Wish me luck!