Hot town, summer in the city

Hot outside, hot inside:  believe it or not, we just got our AC installed last weekend, so the workshop has been HOT in more ways than one.  When it's mid-80's and humid, the iced coffee at The Daily Press and the smoothies from the juice guy next door can have a major impact on quality of life.  Temperature aside, we've been turning out lots of new things:  New chairs, sofas and ottomans, along with an enhanced website so you can actually buy online!  Check it out.

Luckily, we've also had some time off, and some of us headed for a pond near Waterford, Maine.  Here is your moment of Zen:

like minds, materials

Like Minds #4: The re-imaginings of Bouke de Vries

Everyone knows that I have a "thing" for everything Dutch...and Bouke de Vries is truly a very special Dutchman.   Like me, de Vries is focused on giving "things that are valueless a new life".  A master restorer of antique ceramics, he became fascinated by re-envisioning pieces with inherent beauty--despite their current condition.  He now uses fractured ceramic plates, broken jars and shards of statuettes as the basis for his artwork.  Check out this New York Times video to learn more about Mr. de Vries and see the beauty of his reinventions.

just for fun, Being Melissa

The debut bash!

Last night my favorite designers, artists and architects (and friends of other stripes) had a chance to see the initial five finger furnishings collection.  We had a blast--despite a serious no drinking or eating in the chairs rule!  A big thank you to everyone who has pitched in and made this possible.