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Like Minds #4: The re-imaginings of Bouke de Vries

Everyone knows that I have a "thing" for everything Dutch...and Bouke de Vries is truly a very special Dutchman.   Like me, de Vries is focused on giving "things that are valueless a new life".  A master restorer of antique ceramics, he became fascinated by re-envisioning pieces with inherent beauty--despite their current condition.  He now uses fractured ceramic plates, broken jars and shards of statuettes as the basis for his artwork.  Check out this New York Times video to learn more about Mr. de Vries and see the beauty of his reinventions.

like minds

Like Minds #3: Meet Stephan Janson

If you don't know Stephan Janson, you should.  He has worked with the firmament of fashion (Yves St. Laurent, Kenzo, etc. etc.--you get it), and his talent just so obvious.  I was introduced to him where I meet most of the famous people I know:  on the internet, where I saw this Q&A that really connected with  me (yes, I'm referring to the drawings on the left).  Furniture evokes feeling, just like fashion--we should all have chairs we feel great in.  You don't have to be a queen to deserve a throne!  And keep dreaming.

Check out the clothing on his site--this year's collection, as well as past seasons are all Incredible.  And if you're really interested, the NYT blog shows off his personal style.

like minds

Like Minds #2: Inigo Elizalde warms things up

Brrr.  Today the National Weather Service reported that it's "dangerously cold" outside.  Too bad I didn't follow up immediately on the NYT article about some blankets Elizalde found that will warm both you and your home!  They're a warm blast of color and can be found right now around NYC at places like Brooklyn Dry Goods and Barney's, as well as online.

Or, you could wait for mine:  Handmade, wool, silk and just like my grandmother used to make (only brighter!)